《The Study Buddy》 Kim Namjoon One-Shot
《The Study Buddy》 Kim Namjoon One-Shot kimnamjoon stories

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Kim Namjoon One-Shot

《The Study Buddy》 Kim Namjoon One-Shot

Namjoon walked down the hall feeling giddy. Ever since he started tutoring you he couldnt help but feel happier and more motivated.

As a studious person, he didnt socialize much, but when he was with you, he understood the joy of having a companion.

He entered the classroom, excited to see you, but instead was greeted by you sitting and laughing with Kim Seokjin. The boy everyone loved. The boy everyone knew.

He realized he was staring, and blinked out of his trance. He slowly recited the digits of pi to boost his confidence as he approached the two of you.

"Hey Y/N!" You looked up to see Namjoon fiddling with his glasses. "Hey Joon! You don't mind if Jin works with us do you? He offered to help me with a question and we've been talking since."

"Oh, actually I have to study something a bit more complicated. I don't think you two would be able to help me. But I hope you pass that test." With that Namjoon walked out of the study hall.

"Did he just call us stupid?" You grew a bit irritated from your friends tone. "I'm sure it's nothing Y/N." Jin reassured. You wanted to believe him, but you were concerned for Namjoon more.

"Sorry Jin, I have to-" "Go ahead, I understand. I'll talk to you later?" You nodded and ran after Namjoon.

You found him sitting alone on the stairs. "Hey. What happened in there? Why did you just walk out?" You asked in an exasperated tone.

"Why should it concern you? You obviously have plenty of other 'study buddies' at your disposal." "What are you talking about? Are you jealous?"

"Pfft- what, no! I-I'm not jealous." He stuttered. You sat down next to him. "Your not just my tutor y'know. You're also my friend. And friends are irreplaceable."

Namjoon sighed. "I guess I overreacted a bit. I'm sorry. Friends?" "Friends." You two walked to your next class, content with each others company.

"But I wasn't lying about my work. Theres no way you'd even know the first step to solving it." "Namjoon!" THE END

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