J-Hope Mafia x Reader cast - Agent side
J-Hope Mafia x Reader cast - Agent side boy meets evil stories

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J-Hope Mafia x Reader cast - Agent side: read to find out who will be in my next fan fiction

J-Hope Mafia x Reader cast - Agent side

Y/N - you, but yr korean lol (yr smart and creative people, use yr imagination) You are a highly respected agent. Your partner is Jungkook, who you sometimes go on missions with.


Red Velvet

They are a group of agents that work together to complete big missions within your agency. Seulgi is your best friend while you are kinda chill with the others.

(U r not a part of red velvet)

Taeyong Seulgi's boyfriend and an agent(i had to) sometimes goes on missions with you when he isn't working with red velvet.

Jungkook Another one of the best agents. His dad is one of the heads of the Agency so he grew up there. Again, your partner.

Soyeon Minnie's girlfriend. Another top agent. Used to like you. (You can have whatever sexuality you want ofc)

Minnie Good agent, not top. Hates you because she thinks you'll take Soyeon away from her. Secretly likes Jungkook.

More characters will be added later in the story so if there is a new character in the story, check back here.

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