Dodgeball |Jinhwan Oneshot|
Dodgeball |Jinhwan Oneshot| dodgeball stories

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Requested~ hope you like it @chaosjimin

Dodgeball |Jinhwan Oneshot|

It happened on Running Man with Jinhwan. Half of iKon with the half of your own group were invited as guests for the ultimate dodge ball challenge.

You were trying to dodge the speeding red balls but almost tripped when Jinhwan quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you up. For the next couple of minutes, he kept holding on to You as you both dodged the red balls.

“I didn’t know we were supposed to be couples!” Lee Kwang-Soo, who was on your team, shouted as he tried to dodge the balls Jong-Kook was throwing at him.

“That’s not fair!” Jihyo shouted from the other team while pointing an accusing finger at you.

“What, are you using the show to have your date?” Donghyuck commented from behind you. You blushed brightly then dropped Jinhwan’s hand. “No, he was just being nice.” You chuckled at him.

“There’s no time to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Kwang-Soo shouted as he threw a ball at Jihyo. “Pick up a ball and fight!!” and just like that, all teasing stopped and the war continued.

Sorry this is so short😖 I just got inspired so I wrote it. Also, make sure to request! This was requested by @chaosjimin

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