Dancing With the Devil |Jungkook Oneshot|
Dancing With the Devil |Jungkook Oneshot| jungkook stories

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"can i have this dance, y/n?" he whispered in your ear as his lips brushed lightly against it sending shivers down your spine.

Dancing With the Devil |Jungkook Oneshot|

You were just a normal girl. you had a stable job, a nice apartment, and even adopted a puppy to keep you company. everything was perfect—according to you—but suddenly it all became different because of this one guy.

he goes by the name jeon jungkook, and there's something rather odd about the man. he keeps appearing everywhere you go, and it sometimes freaks you out. occasionally his eyes would glow red but you thought you were hallucinating.

your life changed after you found he was satan, lucifer himself, the devil, and the king of hell. you were at first scared but the more you knew about the ravishing guy the feelings in you grew bigger. you knew it was dangerous to love someone like him, but his slick and smooth ways made you wrapped around his fingers.

jungkook stayed with you ever since you found his secret and you followed him everytime he goes out to do his 'errands'.

right now is also the same, you're accompanying jungkook to a ball. the place was well-decorated with shining chandeliers, gold carvings on the wall, and blood red roses, a whole lot of them.

"whoever is throwing this party, they sure love roses, especially the red ones." you mumbled for only jungkook to hear. he was right beside you, hand around your waist. "ah yes, my friend loves blood red roses. it's his favourite." jungkook said eyes looking like he's searching for someone.

"let me guess, he's a demon too?" "such a smart mind you have there darling, now will you excuse me..." jungkook slowly pulled his hand away making you slightly disappointed but you didn't let it show. you know how cocky jungkook can get and you don't need it right now.

you quietly went to a table that is filled with delicacies. a huff left your lips as you stuff a pastry into your mouth.

you couldn't believe jungkook give a little to no reaction to your dress that you deliberately wore to impress him. you were wearing a black bodycon dress that shows your curves and has a slit from your thigh to the bottom of your dress. black is his favourite color.

you knew you shouldn't be flattered that satan stayed with you for a long amount of time and to think you're the only woman that he's seeing. you knew he slept with countless of girls but you didn't want to think much of it. the ball went on and in the middle of your little tantrum, someone announced that it's time for the dance.

you didn't notice until an arm snaked its way around your waist. you turned your head only for your face to be inches away from the devil. he smirks before pulling you against his chest to close the gap. "can i have this dance, y/n?" he whispered in your ear as his lips brushed lightly against it sending shivers down your spine.

"Took you long enough." you smiled to which jungkook returned. he pulled you into the middle of the ballroom and finally the music starts. you and jungkook swayed to the rhythm as both of your eyes never left each other.

"you look absolutely exquisite today ." jungkook complimented before giving you a light peck on the forehead. "i can say the same to you too, your highness." you teased. "now tell me darling, why did you look so glum earlier?" jungkook asked.

you gulped. "n-nothing, i wasn't feeling glum at all." "oh please y/n, you can't lie to me. i'm the king of lies and i can see right through you." he smirked before taking you deeper into the dance floor.

Your feet stepped together, going with the flow of the music. he would twirl you and bring you close to his chest, bodies against one another. "it was nothing really." you denied whilst displaying your smile. "nothing you say?" jungkook lifts a brow as he guide you through the dance floor.

not a minute longer a couple danced past the two of you and you could see jungkook eyeing the woman in the short maroon dress.

jealousy bubbled in you as jungkook's gaze still lingered on her. you didn't know where this confidence came from but the hand that was originally on his shoulder lifted up to touch his cheek. his eyes went to yours instantly, a smirk decorating his pretty lips.

"on second thought, i don't really like you looking at other women except me." you firmly said to him, feet still gliding across the floor. without warning jungkook tightened the grip behind your waist as if hugging you. your breaths mingled together as jungkook laid his forehead on yours.

"now that's my girl." his husky voice made your heart skip a beat. "don't worry darling, that woman doesn't even interest me in the slightest when i have you in front of me." jungkook smiled to which i returned.

"gosh i love you." you finally admitted. "this might be crazy, but i love you too." and jungkook's lips crashed into yours.

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