Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 7|
Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 7| baekhyun stories

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You brought your knees up to your chest, your breathing rapid. “What... What are you?”

The room went silent as the dark haired boy looked down at his trembling hands.

Confession |Baekhyun Imagine pt. 7|

Baekhyun felt as though his veins were coursing with liquid fire. His mind was screaming at him, causing his balance to falter and for him to stumble through the alley streets. It felt as though his feet were filled with lead, his vision waning in and out of black and red hues. He needed blood.

He hadn’t fed since that night. The night he had followed her back from the convenience store. The night he ripped into that bastard’s throat the moment he threatened her.

He didn’t know what had come over him. He had never attacked anyone before. Something deep within him, a switch, perhaps, was flipped, giving him no choice but to kill the son of a bitch who aimed his firearm to her heart.

It had been a month since then. An entire month since his last feed, yet he knew he could never bring himself to feed on an innocent. He was a new vampire, not even a year old, and the hunger was becoming excruciating.

As much as his heart was screaming at him to turn away, his instincts were commanding him to continue forwards to his destination. The mere scent of her was driving his senses mad, his instincts convincing him that she was the only option. The only one he could go to.

And so here he stood, directly at the foot of her apartment door. Intoxicated with both fatigue and desire, he raised his hand to the door, knocking abrasively.

The minute she opened the door, he stumbled straight through it. He tumbled into her living room, and taking her with him as he rushed forwards. He gripped her shoulders painfully tight, pushing with aggressive speed until her back hit the wall. His eyes flashed red as the hunger stung deep at the roots of his canines.

Her mouth moved to indicate she was speaking, pleading, begging, yet the only noise he could register was the thundering of her heart as it pumped life into her veins. The fear in he saw in her eyes, however, made him feel as though a stake was being driven through his heart.

He didn’t want this. He wanted to stop himself. But, feeling as though he was possessed by the monster he could no longer control, he felt powerless to stop it. Although the terror was evident in her every movement, she made no effort to resist.

Maybe she knew it was pointless. Maybe she thought it would all be over soon. And as Baekhyun’s eyes locked onto the vein protruding from the pulsing artery on her neck, It was.

You awoke with a start, your eyelids flying open whilst your body remained still as stone, your lungs heaving for hair. Fiery pain shot through the base of your skull, causing you to clench your teeth in mass discomfort. You released a sigh as gently as you could, clenching your eyes shut at you felt the brunt of the pain originating at a tender spot on your neck.

Your eyes shot open once more, this time noticing the familiar, white flake pattern of your ceiling. Keeping the rest of your body still, you reached your left hand around whatever material you were currently laying on top of. 'I’m... on my couch..?'

You attempted to tilt your head to the left, immediately retracting as excruciating pain coursed through your neck. You released a silent scream, your hand flying to where the pain was coming from. There was something soft. ...Gauze?

Your fingertips brushed the prickly, sticky texture of the medical tape that was holding the bandage in place. Shutting your eyes, you flinched when your fingers applied too much pressure. “It-... It’ll heal.”

Your eyes flew open at the sound of a foreign voice and immediately you tried to sit up. You recoiled almost instantly as the pain returned, your head becoming dizzy in light of your current panic.

“No no no-” As you blinked, a figure was at your side, kneeling beside the couch and placing a hand at your shoulders to ease you back down. “Try not to move- I- I promise the pain will go away soon.”

With all of your senses, including vision, disorientated, you struggled to focus on the boyish figure that was beside you. His face waned in and out of focus, but as it cleared, your heart leapt into your throat.

“It’s- it’s you-” Panic and adrenaline was pumping through your veins now, and despite the pain you bolted upright, pushing yourself away from him with as much strength as you could muster.

The boy extended his arm towards you but you lashed out, scooting towards the other side of the sofa as fast as you could. The mixture of pain, nausea, and fear intoxicated your brain, and in turn, your balance. You tumbled off of the couch to the floor, the hardwood sure to leave bruises on your forearms and elbows.

Your neck was throbbing now and you clutched it, hoping to gain some relief as you continued to scoot yourself to the far corner of the room. "P-Please calm down.” You watched as he walked towards you slowly, hands held up in surrender as if he was closing in on a scared animal. “I’m not going to hurt you- I’m wont hurt you, okay?”

“You...” Your hand flew to the gauze on your neck, your gaze meeting his; glowing and inhuman. “Did you do this?” Tear began to well up in your eyes. “Did you do this to me?” The boy looked defeated as he crumpled to the ground on his knees.

“I... I... It-... It was an accident...” His voice was low, his eyes full of sadness. “I swear I never meant to harm you- or the man in the alley- or anyone!” You brought your knees up to your chest, your breathing rapid. “What... What are you?” The room went silent as the dark haired boy looked down at his trembling hands.

“A monster.” He whispered, almost too quiet for you to hear. “An atrocity that shouldn’t be allowed to exist.” And just like that, he was gone again, leaving only a gentle breeze in his wake as he leapt from the open window.

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