Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 5
Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 5 adeenbean stories

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Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 5

Hoseok Sipped on his coffee while he read the file. "Lee Jieun. The rumored wife of VIP gang leader Kim Heechul. They were rumored to have a daughter. Some say she was taken under the Agency. Poor girl. They probably fed her nothing but lies. I have to find her. Maybe she can help me."

"JIMIN!" Hoseok yelled for his friend. "What happened?! Is there a fire?" "What? No, I need you to find Kim Y/N." "Don't scare me like that! Ok, I'll go ask Yoongi to get info on her."

"But who is she?" Jimin raised an eyebrow. He knew Hoseok doesn't usually go after women because he has no need to. "She may just be our ticket to VIP." Jimin went wide eyed and quickly ran to find his minty friend.

𝕄𝕖𝕒𝕟𝕨𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕖 "Why did we have to meet in a supply closet?" Jungkook shook his head. "Because this is my last goodbye." Jungkook looked at you like you had gone insane. "What are you talking about? Where's the hidden camera? I will sue."

"Jungkook, this isn't a prank. I'm sorry. I don't have time to explain." "I knew there was something about you that was different." He smiled warmly. "If this is our last meeting then i won't waste any time. This is for you."

He leaned down and pecked your lips. You were a bit surprised, but you had a feeling. "I've liked you for a while Y/N. I wished that you would return feelings, but we're out of time." Your eyes got teary at the thought of not seeing him again.

"Under different circumstances I would probably return your feelings eventually. I hope I see you again Jungkook. Goodbye." You hugged him tight and crawled into the air conditioning vent, escaping the people who lied to you.

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