Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 1
Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 1 boy meets evil stories
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"Do we know what the man looks like?" Taeyong asked.

"He's ugly. You'll know when you see him."

Boy Meets Evil - Ch. 1

š•š• š•¦š•£ ā„™š•†š• I woke up to someone punching me. "Get up meathead." I didn't bother looking. "Agent 003, I will seriously chop off your-" He covered my mouth. "Shut up, the head is in the room next door.

I quickly got up and tried to make myself presentable. Jungkook snickered. "I meant it." He stopped smirking and left the room. My roomate, Minnie walked in as Jungkook left. "You can stay Jungkookie." She batted her eyelashes, trying to look cute. I wish I could take a picture of Kook's face.

"Bye" He quickly walked away. "Wait till I tell Soyeon you flirt with all the guys in the building." I smirked. "Only with the hot ones." She rolled her eyes. "Oh, right. You f*ck the other ones." I got dressed and walked out of the room as she scoffed. (what yr wearing is next>)

"Good morning Agent 004." I nodded. "We have a mission for you. We need you to go to the mountains of Hallasan. We'll comm you the address. Find the man there and bring him to us. But don't talk to him and don't listen to anything he says." I nodded. It was weird but I was used to it by now. I walked out to the helicopter and saw Taeyong sitting inside already.

"I'm going with you it seems" He smiled. I returned it and climbed in. "Do we know what the man looks like?" Taeyong asked while looking out the window. "He's ugly. You'll know when you see him." He nodded. We arrived at the place and got out. We had to land far or the man would've heard us come.

We got out and started the hour long hike up to a cave he had built a shelter in to hide. "How are you and Jungkook?" Taeyong asked. We're supposed to call each other our agent number but some of us don't bother when no one else is around. "He's good, why do you ask?" I said confused.

"I mean you two. I know you guys have something going on. You've been working together for years and you're both hot." He laughed. "Shut up." I laughed. His laughter really was contagious. We got to the sdress and there was a small house. It was covered in vines. I was drawn to it for some reason.

"Wait for me." Taeyong called and caught up. "Let's enter through the basement." He said. I nodded. I had a bad feeling about this for some reason. We slowly crept to the back of the house. š•„š•–š•’š•Ÿš•Øš•™š•šš•š•– "WHAT?!?" The head yelled. "You f*cking idiots! You let her go in there?" He shoved the agents in his way and strode to the control room.

"Call off the mission. Now." He said with gritted teeth. The agents quickly got to work, trying to contact the agents who were slowly walking into the basement of this forbidden house. "Sir, they're out of range." One man said. "Then someone get in a jet and go f*cking bring them back!"

š”¹š•’š•”š•œ š•„š•  š•Ŗš• š•¦ š•’š•Ÿš•• š•‹š•’š•–š•Ŗš• š•Ÿš•˜ We slowly walked down the stairs. As I came to the end of the stairs a rush of nostalgia hit me. I tensed up. Taeyong rushed towards me. "Y/N! What is it?" He frantically said. "This is where I used to live." "Took you long enough to realize."

I turned around as Taeyong yelped. A man was holding a knife against his neck. "Welcome, Y/N." "Who are you?" "š’€š’š’–š’“ š’–š’š’„š’š’†."

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