Alien |Lee Taeyong FF prologue|
Alien |Lee Taeyong FF prologue| alien stories

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"You realized you have a special power I’ll get weaker and you’ll get stronger"- 🎵Alien🎵, Lee Suhyun

Alien |Lee Taeyong FF prologue|

As the cold rain thundered down onto the frantic people on the streets, no one noticed the glowing orb slowly making its way towards Earth. Except one person, a curious girl. She darted towards the supposed destination of the flying saucer and hid behind a bramble.

The UFO landed and went silent. The lights turned off. You could hear a pin drop. Then, suddenly, a loud whirring sound came, and the front of the saucer flew open. The girl held back the urge to scream as about nine young men walked out of the flying contraption.

They strutted out in an organized fashion and lined up one each side of the door. And from that door, walked a boy. Not too old, maybe in his late teens. The boys started conversing within their group.

‘Now’s my chance to leave.’ Thought the girl. Little did she know that one of the boys had heard her thoughts and turned to look straight into her eyes. The girl's eyes widened as she fled, but she didn’t make it far when she felt numb and fell to the cold grassy ground.

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