how I first started commaful
how I first started commaful bad guy stories

adeemfadul if u follow me I will follow u back
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how I first started commaful

when I was in 4th grade a few girls knew commaful

for some reason...

they kept it a secret

then it spreded thro the classroom

until it came to me

so then when my friend told me about it i went on my chromebook searched commaful

And i made my first account @adeem and in the background thats my profile picture in my old account

for the first few days i got addicted and thought it was the best

then i forgot about commaful until the next month....

I tried to log back in my account it did not work so i gave up

and then after another few months i said to my self i should back on commaful and make a new account

and so i did

and thats my story

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