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adammosley Open Your Mind, Spread Them Legs....
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Kisses on your lips, shoulders, neck, and cheek. Its time to undress, let me get a peek.


Kisses on your lips, shoulders, neck, and cheek.

Its time to undress, let me get a peek.

Sucking on your neck, while your bra untwine.

For the whole night. That body's MINE.

A Trail of licks & kisses, flowing down your body. Panties off, imma show you my favorite hobby ;p. Licking on that clit, like a sweet fruit.

Showing that kitty love, baby its nice and cute. Reaching up for your nipples to add a little pleasure.

As I use my other hand to stimulate that treasure. Them seductive moans is music to my ear.

The words "lick it more baby" I hear loud and clear.

As im sucking, licking, kissing, & nibbling.

Your moaning, groaning, body shaking, and quivering.

The blissful look in your eye tells me.

That its about time, to get hella messy....

As I slide my fingers in, hitting that "special spot".

You scream out loud, like you've just been shot.

I kiss you again, as I make that call.

Of turning that pussy into a waterfall. Squirt...squirt....squirt....

Spraying my down like a watering hose.

Its A good thing we removed our clothes.

I repeat the process of licking that pearl.

Got damn right, imma make this girl.


I lay down as you climb on top.

I slide my dick in as you start to hop.

Pleasure rushing through us as you continue to ride.

Im sucking on your nipples like theres nothing to hide.

I turn you over and dive deep inside that lovely place.

Doing everything I wanted to, With no moments waste.

I have you screaming, moaning, and breathing hard.

The way my dick's swiping through you, like a credit card.

To make that juicy pussy squirt, has always been my mission.

For me to be deep inside you, I'll have you always wishin'.

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