Final Exit
Final Exit  poetry stories

adamk7861 writing free verse poetry//exploring
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Time to let go.

Final Exit

I want to be nothing,

Nights spent wishing my brain would stop working,

Or at least stop projecting, My tiny thoughts onto this grand scene.

You're getting sick of this movie,

We live in different theaters lately.

You see me in black and white, Ever since you ripped out my colors.


I'm tired of being in the background

Your acting is getting old, And I'm bored with my current role.

I can't let my life become a horror show, Or a comedy for your new friends to snicker at.

When the curtains close I won't wait for your applause.

Just crawl slowly out the back

Light a fire in my mind and hope it reaches you, Burn the whole place down if I have to.

A flame for every time you hit pause.

Fast forward

It always ends the same,

I take a bow and the credits roll.

But this time your name is left out.

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