Waiting For You To Smile.
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A poem to hopefully bring some positivity to your day and maybe even a smile.

Waiting For You To Smile.

Here I am, closer to thirty than I am to twenty-five, Still no fucking clue how to drive or survive or generally keep myself alive, Just getting by on a comfortable nine to five,

An impulse buy away from broke, My love life, I swear, is a total joke,

It makes me wonder if anyone has it figured out, If maybe I'm not the only one struggling with self-doubt,

Or the only one who feels like they're falling behind, Not some freakish one-of-a-kind, All of similar mind, Just the blind following the blind,

Just fuck-ups playing catch-up to keep-up with other screw-ups,

And maybe that should be comfort enough , To be comfortable when push comes to shove,

That at the end of it all you're the only one you truly need to love, No matter how rough, You know you are enough,

You are enough.

Not a little less, Not second-best, No runners-up, No failing the test,

You are you and I am me, And that's all you should ever have to be,

If we could see what others see, Maybe we'd all feel a little more free,

Comfortable in our size, shape and skin, That life is not a competition to win,

You won the moment your life begun, And every time you feel the warmth of the sun,

Every moment,

Every moment, Every Inch,

Every moment, Every Inch, Every Step,

Every moment, Every Inch, Every Step, Every mile,

Know that there is a world out there waiting for you to smile.

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