The Snowman
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Ah childhood memories of playing in the snow...

The Snowman

Snow had fallen through the night and settled thick and tantalising. The morning sunlight glittered on the crystals of ice. There was magic in the air. Timmy was revelling in it.

He had spent nearly an hour rolling snow into boulders and fashioning it into the perfect snowman. As he finished putting stones into the shape of a mouth something incredible happened.

A light shimmered around the snowman and he looked down at Timmy, smiled and said, "hello there friend."

"Bugger me!" said Timmy, and he knocked the head straight off of the snowman, exploding it in a shower of powder.

It seemed that the snowman was not done yet. The twigs Timmy had put in for branched raised up and reached out at Timmy. "Shit it!" he yelled and snapped the arms off.

Still the snowman kept going, shuffling its torso forward. "Oh sod this," said Timmy.

He ran back into his kitchen and boiled the kettle, all the while keeping an eye on the oddly shambling balls of snow.

Once the kettle was boiled Timmy ran out and poured it on the remains of the snowman, melting it away instantly. "Thank fuck for that," Timmy chimed and went back into his house.

"You finished playing in the snow Timmy?" his girlfriend called.

"Yeah. Think I'll go down the pub instead. Don't know what I was thinking," he laughed. "I'm too old for playing in the snow."

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