Practice Makes Perfect
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I know a lot of people can't wait for the next time they can go to a proper gig. Here's one way that could go.

Practice Makes Perfect

At long last the day had finally come: the band would play again!

All through those long months of waiting the thought of this day had kept them going. Fans had kept in touch with them telling the band how much they couldn't wait to see them live again.

They had hoped for that next gig as much as the band. Now it was almost time.

The vibration, the rumble of the crowd pulsed through the stage and the corridors to the dressing room in the back. That energy that only a live crowd could bring was back.

The band felt it fuelling them. None of them could sit still. There was too much excitement in the air. The drummer at regular intervals stood up just to yell "Fuck!" It seemed appropriate.

The crowd was so wound up that if they waited any longer a riot would break out.

A riot would still probably break out when they started anyway but at least there would be some good tunes to go with it. The band walked to the stage.

The crowd was insane. They could hear the screams, the sobs, the maniacal noises. This was going to be an experience. It was time. The band were announced. The crowd roared.

The band ran to the stage. They picked up their instruments... and froze as they made a terrible realisation.

They had spent months and months of hoping, wishing for a gig, so much so they forgotten to practice any of their music. The gig was a bitter disappointment.

The riot, however, was spectacular.

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