Moving On
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A story about letting go of the past and embracing the future in whatever form it comes at you.

Moving On

"Hello love. Its me again," Ryan whispered hunkered down by his wife's grave. The wind tossed his greying hair around. She had never seen it like that.

So much had changed since she had slipped away. So much.

"I suppose you already know why I'm here, even if I'm not entirely sure. I don't know if I want to ask you for permission or forgiveness. Maybe a bit of both.

I did promise you I'd never love another woman even though you said you wanted me to move on. Well I guess we're both getting what we wanted," he laughed lightly.

"Funny how things work out isn't it? Anyway, I just felt that I had to come and see you today.

It would feel cowardly if I didn't, and I'll need all the courage I can get for the years to come if the last few are anything to go by."

Ryan stood and adjusted his cravat and waistcoat. "I'll always love you Suse. No matter how much else has changed, I still love you.

" He turned to walk to the car that would take him to the chapel and the start of a new life.

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