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This one goes out to everyone who has suffered playing uno.

Death by Uno

It all started innocently enough. Just a few friends getting together. It was supposed to be "fun". How naive we were. But we didn't know, you have to believe me we just didn't know.

I wish we did, god how I wish we knew.

It started as any other night, laughter, jokes, drinks. "How have you been?"

"Did you hear what happened to...?"

"How was your date with...?"

"Oh you should have seen the state of..."

It was a good time, a normal time. Music was playing and we danced, and drank, and ate. The perfect vibe. It all changed in an instant.

"Hey who wants to play Uno?" That was it. From that moment our fates were sealed. We were done. Dead men walking. We just didn't know it.

"Yeah, that sounds fun." Fun. I laugh at that now, if I didn't, I'd cry.

The atmosphere changed in an instant without us realising it. Did the music really get quieter? Did the lights really dim? It's how I remember it nevertheless.

Without realising it this party had just become a duel, a dance of death. The jokes all stopped. Every glance and expression was suspect. Nobody trusted anybody.

It was a whirlwind.

Cards were being slapped down left and right in a frenzy. Alliances rose and fell. Soon there were veiled threats. Soon the veil dropped from those threats. It was a war man.

Every game the stakes seemed to raise. The victories grew sweeter and the defeats more bitter. We used to be friends. No more. This was Uno.

Anyway, it was the hellish combination of reversals and those draw 4 cards. I'd never seen someone hit like that before but man he snapped.

The human body just isn't meant to take that many cards to the throat.

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