Lost Soul
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A grim outlook of what the world is to the eyes of someone who is scared to face the world.

Lost Soul

The story of a lost soul would usually start off with a thousand words detailing every crucial moment of its life until the once wandering soul becomes lost within this vast world.

But the story of this soul is much like the story of a ghost or phantom. Once found upon the living world but now lays lost reliving each day over as if that's all that's left.

The story starts with a boy living his life much like everyone else for as long as he can remember. A bystander. Known but keeps to himself.

Always complacent, followed orders and never questioned a thing. He lived his life as best he could for so long. But like a double edged sword his complacency brought a great loneliness.

He would cower in these thoughts constantly, but not another soul would know. His life was nothing special and I think that's what got to him.

But one day this boy didn't want that anymore. He ventured out of his comfort zone he left his nest like a leap of faith he decided to change all at once, whether it brought him pain or not.

He didn't know what to expect. He didn't want to be lonely anymore. He hated the silence. He hated his cloudy mind and he hated how he had no control over his life.

He met people for the first, some would even consider them friends. But with all good there was bad. His new found presence made him anxious, he didn't know how to deal with the loudness.

He quickly scoured back into his shell. Although this time he brought a few friends with him.

The boy became complacent yet again. It angered him, questions like "how could it be so difficult?" And "why does it come so easy to everyone else?" Would plague his mind constantly.

Although he had friends he was lonelier than ever. He began to cry every single night. He hated his sadness. He fell into a constant spiral of despair and fear. He had no control over himself.

The feeling deepened. His eyes once a midnight blue now turned grey. Life had no meaning to him. He would look for solutions to problems he didn't even know were real.

Life was a blur for so long. He had lost himself. He had sunk into a pit and struggled to escape. He would use music to block out the world. He made excuses to not see people.

He isolated himself. He grew pale, now he was a phantom to the world, existing only in his thoughts. He became the lost soul he always feared to become.

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