The happiness outside of me
The happiness outside of me
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The happiness outside of me

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Chapter one.

I was so nervous as I walked onto the plane headed for Hawaii. It was going to be my sanctuary for who knows how long. My parents had said it was a time for me to discover myself.

I look at myself in the airport mirror. My wavy dark hair flows against my caramel skin. My dark eyes glint in the light against my long dark eyelashes. My lips are full and round.

My jeans are cuffed and dark gray, I wear a large gray t-shirt tucked in with black and white striped sleeves underneath.

I push the handle to one of the stalls and I yelp to realize that someone is in there. Her hair was white and cut sharply. She wore sunglasses and a tight purple dress.

She looks beautiful and hot. I back up against the door. She whispers "See you in Honolulu." In my ear and she kisses my neck.

The kiss gives an electric shock on my neck which makes me uncomfortable but somehow pleasured at the same time.

I walked out as fast as possible and to baggage loading , where they brought my stuff on the plane. I grabbed my backpack and walked onto that place where they loaded you up.

I immediately smiled as I checked my ticket again. First class. Now that is something to be thankful for. Even for an hour.

I get into my seat #16 and sit down.

By the time I get there, I wake up gaining a new fantasy from that woman.

I am driven by uber in a sleek black car. When we pull up I am greeted by the Hilton logo.

I start to cry in the room. The man at the desk... I knew him.

My ex.

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