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my first encounter with my fire.


what is love? if i ask you.

I guess, you already have lots of high level answers ready. For me, its like fire and ice.

why fire and ice?

its very simple ice is solid, clear....cooool until its starts melting away and fusss....evap in the air, when it meets fire.

i don't know about you all, but my heart is same as ice. once gone never came back.

so, once again my question is what is love? keep thinking, I hope you all really find your own answer.

So, lets continue to what I was saying, for me...my heart was like ice until it meet its fire.

Everyone have their own definition about this fire, for me it was total possessiveness, touch, naughty thoughts but most trust.

Having this type of fire is pretty tricky, when everyone in your class desire your fire, as it is beauty in your eyes and everyone.

At first it was same, that happens in everyone life, new grade-new session totally fresh then boom, a new girl perfect mix of beauty and sexiness...wohhh....those memories.

But, that time it is not your fire but just a sexual urge and fantasy that most teens have.

like i said ice is solid....so my heart didn't melt away, ice is clear.....so I know difference between my desire and urge, most important ice is cool.....

So I have my repu which I can't let go away. But, what is bad in day dreaming? right!!! well everyone agrees with that.

With this all thoughts my days began in my 11th grade, subject-commerce, side subject Computer which is most important part of story, don't think me as of computer nerd, i was just good.

well i will stop here , i want to write more about it, but it is my first time here and i really want to know how you people like the way i m going in before entering the main plot.

so see yah in HEART MADE OF ICE-2

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