Warmer Places By: A.C.
Warmer Places
By: A.C. warmth stories
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Me posting a depressing poem, surprising! What’s not surprising is how much you could save when you switch to GICO. πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

Warmer Places By: A.C.

All the birds are flyin' away

to a much more warmer place.

All the skies are turning grey;

no escaping the rat race.

I'm left stranded in the snow

and I am getting so cold.

Through my own life I tiptoe.

How much longer 'till I fold?

I am so far away now

From everyone I have known;

They've all passed my by somehow,

they have all moved on and grown.

Warmer places are so far

and it's too much for me bare.

Like a bug trapped in a jar

I am running out of air.

I dread each conversation.

I am weighed down by my plight.

I see only migration

in my dreams; I do take flight.

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