Joey By: A.C.
Joey  By: A.C. poem stories

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Parton’s Jolene told from the husbands POV. Also, Joey instead of Jolene because why not? I hope I’m not ruining a classic.

Joey By: A.C.

I gotta beach blonde betty by my side

But I'd like to take him for a ride

His flowing brick red hair goes on for miles

It's like warm summer rain each time he smiles

His pale white skin is littered with angels kisses

But if I leave her for him it'd kill my missus

Those green eyes are oh so enchanting

And each night when I dream I'm planning

What my life with him could be if I would leave

Surly she knows though as my wife is not naive

I know I gotta do the right thing for my wife

Though know I love him but she is my life

I have noticed her sadness as of late

So I will just keep on playing it straight

If only I knew she could find another

I would quickly take him to be my lover

Howbeit she will not so he will not take her man

I got a bond and I hope he will understand

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