A Simple Understanding
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The simple pleasures Are rather complicated

A Simple Understanding

The simple pleasures

Are rather complicated

I got pleasure in the fact that in an argument with my sister I felt I was in the right

or at least less annoying

I hate being nosy

I hate being cold

I hate not having a third layer

yet carrying a peacoat to hold

Inside it is too hot

Outside it is too cold

Autumn is fluctuating

but it is always heading towards a permanent fluidity state of change

I can't understand it

Most poems or novels by smarter people than could

But I shouldn't

their words can only paint a scene

But I breathe the painting

I feel the strokes flush against my person

I feel my heart skip

i am a person

Emotions and opinions

The fall is changing

Like any and every person should

why let ourselves fall consistent

Change may lead to beauty

For some it's only from a comfortable place

For others it's from being within it


I enjoy change

Everything around me can sometimes be consistently awful

But a change in scenario when you can't leave

...I can get used to a change

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