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Mom you were always here for me and I love you this is for you


Dear Mom

Hey mom it's me your daughter. Mothers days is soon so I wanted to write this story for you and tell you something really important.

I remember when I was just a little kid you were always by my side. You helped me through everything even when I through a tantrum or had way to much sugar and I was bouncing off the walls.

You were there through it all. When dad couldn't make it to Christmas like he promised you were there to make me feel loved and wanted.

Even when grandad was sick in a different state you came back home because I was hurt. You were there when I was sick in the hospital.

You even slept there many nights and whenever I asked for you you were always by my side. And when I got older you still were there for me even in my hardest times.

I would've never survived my bullies if you hadn't told me the right thing to do.

You have always tried your best in helping me and yes maybe your advice doesn't always work but I always thought at least I have some one who actually loves me.

For awhile I kept thinking I don't have anyone who cares about me but you were always there through it all through the rough and tough and great and happy times you were there so I guess

I just wanted to tell you this because I definitely don't tell you this enough but here it goes

I love you

Oh and to the moon and back a million times

Love Your daughter Ashley

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