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What will happen when Levi Ackerman is brought to the year 2020 and how will the reader react to have humanity's strongest show up on her living room floor out of the blue 1,160 years in the future. This story will cover Levi's struggles with modern-day technology and the pains of his past. So fluff and giggles with some pain mixed in. A warning there will be mature content in later chapters which will be clearly marked. I hope you enjoy the read it will be my first reader insert story so stick with me. Cross-posted on Wattpad and Archive of our own

Centuries Man ch.5

Scout Regiment- Interior Trost

After the incident with Levi, the troops had decided to turn back. Hanji sat in her office at a loss. Hands folded in front of her staring at the paperwork strung along the surface of the desk.

Feeling angry and hurt begin to bubble up from inside. She stood throwing her chair back and swiping the desktop clean as a scream ripped from her throat, a single tear fell down her cheek.

Backing up against the wall, she slid to the floor as the office door opened, revealing Armin.

"Um, commander, are you ok?" he stood timidly by the door, afraid to invade her space.

She looked up to the young man in front of her. "Honestly, I want to say I'm fine, but in reality, I just lost the last comrade I had. He may not have thought of us as friends, but I did.

" Gaze falling to the floorboards. What was she supposed to feel? Should it not bother her at all.

A thought caused her to snicker as more tears fell free Levi always said, "you act tough, but your a goddamn bleeding heart Zoe.

" Not realizing she had voiced the thought out loud, a confused Armin squeaked out a reply.

"I'm sorry, commander; what do you mean?" She quickly wiped away the tears returning her gaze to the young man.

"Oh, nothing, just something Levi told me. I keep waiting for him to come through that door and ridicule me for how stupid I am acting about this." Armin moved to sit down in front of her.

"Commander, if I may?" He sat quietly, waiting for her to respond.

"You can speak freely, Armin; also call me Hanji please, I already feel so out of place in this position." Giving him a warm smile, she placed a hand on his knee.

Nodding his head before speaking. "Thank you, Hanji. I have thought since we got back, something isn't right about how things went." He had a look of concern on his face as he continued.

"We didn't find Capt. Levi's body. Not even a shred of clothing. Now, this may be my brain running wild, but after what we have learned recently, I can't overlook any possibility."

Hanji was looking at him, eyes wide with anticipation. "Go on, Armin, what is it.

" She was always intrigued by the occult, and it seemed Armin's line of thinking was on point with something of that nature.

Taking a deep breath, he continued, "Yesterday was the Fall Solstice. Hanji, what if that bolt of lighting sent him to another time?"

Her face beamed with excitement as a thought struck her.

Apartment 520- Florida,USA

After cleaning up, you walk to your room, looking through the closet. 'Shit, I forgot to do laundry.' Sighing, you grab a hoodie and some lounge pants heading back to where you left Levi.

Holding it out, he gives you a look.

"And what would you like me to do with those?" He was unmoved, refusing to take the clothes from you.

"Well, I mean, I wanted you to go in the bathroom, take a shower, and but on clean, dry clothes. Unless fucking bathing isn't a thing in your time." You thurst the clothes at him again.

"I'm sorry it's all I got at the moment."

Glaring at you, he took the clothes. "Yes, we bathe. I typically don't wear anything other than my uniform." his words laced with venom.

You shoo him off in the direction of the restroom. "yeah yeah, whatever stinky. You cant walk around in that uniform here."

Stopping at the end of the hallway, he turns around and drops the clothes in his arm. Hands going to the fasten on his pants. "Well, if the uniform is the problem, I'll go nude."

Eyes going wide and hands flailing like a lunatic as you jump forward, placing your hands on his. "nooo! Ok, ok, we will go first thing in the morning to get you clothes.

please take a shower and put those on."

Grumbling something in french as he picks up the clothes and saunters off to the restroom. Once he is out of the viewing area, you grab your hair and silently scream.

'Ok, I need to order dinner' Pulling out your phone and curling up on the couch, you open uber eats. 'Fuck, what would Levi eat.'

Browsing all the options for a few minutes, you decide on pizza. Depending on how long he was here, we could try out other things. 'Honestly, I'm curious to see the reaction.

' As you are finishing placing the order, you hear the water shut off. It would be another 30 minutes before the pizza arrives. I wonder how he would feel about the TV.

The sound of feet draws your attention to the freshly showered man making his approach, biting your lip as you taking in his appearance. His hair was damp and slicked back.

The hoodie was oversized on him, but the lounge pants those well those fit in all the right places. "Fuck girl, we need Jesus. Maybe we just need to get fucked."

He interrupted your train of thought just as it was drifting to imagines of your now houseguest pushing you against the nearby wall.

Hey, it wasn't your fault the pants left little to the imagination.

"Where would you like me to put these?" Holding up his pants that had been folded nicely coming to a stop right in front of you.

Turning your head not to stare at his crotch, which was only a few feet away. 'ah personal space. Personal space!' you had already place his other dirty clothes in the basket.

Gently taking the pants from his hands and placing them on the back of the couch. When he took a seat on the other end, you let out the breath you had been unknowingly holding.

"Oh, as well. I seem to not have any undergarments. Is that customary in this time?" he shifted. in his seat as if trying to get comfy.

"For some people, yes it is. I didn't have any you could wear." Tapping your knees nervously, unaware of what to do now. knock on the door saved you. 'Oh, thank god the pizza is here.

' Quickly jumping up and running to get it.

"Who on earth would be calling on you at this hour?" He stood from the couch and followed you to the door.

Unnoticed to you, Levi had grabbed one of his blades and brandished it in the eyesight of the young pizza boy.

Noticing a change in the once cheerful pizza boys' attitude, you ask what is wrong. "Hey, kid, are you ok?"

He points behind you and utters, "Is your boyfriend gonna kill me?"

"Boyfiren...." you turn around to see Levi and his blade. Quickly grabbing it from him and scolding the grown man. "What the hell, Levi! it is the pizza boy he brought our food."

His shoulders relax "oh....what is pizzzza?" dragging out the word as it felt foreign on his tongue.

Pushing him away, "Go sit; I'll explain in a minute." Turning back to the boy, you quickly give him a hefty tip and shut the door.

Levi took notice of the boxes in your hand and raised an eyebrow. Sighing, it's going to be a long night.

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