Is it vivid enough?
Is it vivid enough? sad stories

acidrapper117 Deep depression and late night stories
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An escape to where she always dreamed of.

Is it vivid enough?

I remember on occasions you would take my hand and place it on your heart and ask me "am I living right", then I stare into your eyes and ask you back "I feel a heart beat so you living, right?"

You know that's not what I mean, I mean don't you always wonder why we dream different than we living, how we paint a picture that's so vivid,

and then we wake up just to feel a feeling that there's something left that we missing.

Dreams are like a bad genie giving us some free wishes but in return takes the memories of how we lived it.

So is this the reason you put yourself in a coma just so you don't have to go, forget,

and revisit I hope you're happy because the doctors have tried every treatment and my dreams aren't really giving me a vivid you even when using up three wishes.

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