Calling Voicemail
Calling Voicemail hallucinations stories

acidrapper117 Deep depression and late night stories
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First part to a story linked with "Unanswered", which is a story about an event that lead Sam's friend to commit suicide. This story is from her point of view.

Calling Voicemail

The love that I felt as she went down,

down deep in my soul

lying with her top side on the sheets for a low

she sucked me dry mentally she the biggest leech that I know

she saw that I was empty inside but got depression on mind

that got me half stepping and misplacing my time

she took her hand and she placed it on mine

rolled over on top of a cold body that's mine

and stared deep in them eyes built up tears that she wept became mine

closed her eyes and opened up one more time

we had nothing say cause it was her and herself

all that sadness she felt a dead friend and a call which translated 9-1-1

a call for some help.... to be continued

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