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TerraTale By Ace

Chapter 1

It was the Crack of Dawn when the sun started to rise, children were playing guards were guarding and chimneys were smoking, it was a beautiful day and Ace was walking around town and walks towards the house up on the hill, as he stands for a few seconds her best friend Marcus opens the door and greets him outside, they both walk down to town talking and laughing

as they sat down under the tree they feel a bit bored, but Ace has something on her mind as Marcus asks "so what do we do know?" Ace replies "Do you wanna go on a journey together? like where we live alone in a place we explore and become the strongest" and Marcus replies happily "sounds amazing, but we might need supplies" Ace agrees and then head on to their journey.

as they leave town feeling prepared they brought a guide with them to help them out before they knew it, they felt free and happy. as they find a good place to build their home they began collecting wood and food, after that they hunted down Slimes for gel to make torches, they went to the caves feeling thrilled and anxious, Ace remembers the guide telling them about getting life crystals to increase their life to survive

as they mine down copper, silver, and gold, they see something sparkle right by their sight they got closer and saw a Life crystal, there were two of them which Ace and Marcus were feeling pretty excited about this, as soon as they got closer they felt an evil presence watching them from behind, as soon as they turned around they see a zombie pounce on Ace

Ace quickly stabbed the zombie with the copper short sword they brought, as the zombie died they became a bit more scared, so they grabbed their stuff and the life crystals and left the cave. when they came back they see the guide waiting for them, the guide told them what to do with the life crystals which is to eat them, they told them its not poisonous or they cant kill them, they ate the life crystals and gained more lives

as it got very dark they went inside their house and built, they forgot about bringing a loom so they stayed up all night with the guide on the campfire inside, the guide was telling them things to survive with like how they should bring the gun merchant with them and all the evils in the world to get rid of, they told them that there is a special Biome that will only appear once they defeat an evil demon on the underworld and then heard a bang on the roof

heard something bang on the roof, they both went outside and saw a gigantic eye trying to break their house, they both brought out their weapons to fight back and then tackled the eye head on. as soon as the eye was starting was almost down it used its final attack, the eye broke and the eye turned into a big mouth, and dashed every where unable for Marcus and ace to hit, luckily they managed to throw a grenade and killed the beast.

as the guide congratulated the two of them they rested on the floor for the rest of the night. Marcus was woken up by Ace in the morning and gave him food, they journey back into the cave to get more things, on their way back to where they stopped in the cave they saw a golden chest, Marcus remembered the guide saying that they need to mine the bottom of the chest to make sure of any traps, so they did that before opening the chest and got lot of useful loot

they explore deeper in the cave and then both fell into a hole. they landed and hurt themselves, but then they found out they landed on a sword shrine, Marcus tried pulling it out but when Ace tried it out she managed to pull it and it started to glow, it shot a glowing sword which exploded on the walls, Marcus was startled and surprised about this, then they climbed their way out and continued going deep in the caves

they encountered another golden chest and did what they had to do, they found a mirror and which when he was rubbing the mirror it Teleported them back to their house, they see a green haired girl talking to the guide, the green haired girl introduced herself as the Dryad, "i am here to help you with your journey" said the dryad, Marcus and Ace built the dryad a house for her to live, Ace is happily imagining this to become a town

Marcus and Ace left to explore the land, a few hours later they encounter the dungeon with an old man in it, as soon as they stabbed the old man a gigantic skull with arms emerged from the old man's body, with Marcus holding a bow and Ace with an enchanted sword, they fought the gigantic skull, soon enough the skull fell and died. they both enter the dungeon, they found a chest with 4 golden keys, and then went further down

soon enough they made it out alive with a few new things: a blue mace, a magic book, and a blue scepter, they haven't gained a single scratch and they are both feeling very strong and mighty. To Be continued...

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