TerraTale 3:Journey's end
TerraTale 3:Journey's end terratale series stories

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TerraTale 3:Journey's end

after the fight of the Golem at the brown temple, they were close to the end, a few days later they defeated the empress of light, beat the frost legion and pumking all together and then now is ready to end all evil, they went to revisit the dungeon and found cultist their, they attacked all cultists but the leader of the cultist used all of his power to fight Ace and Marcus

fighting the cult leader was hard, after the leader was defeated the ground was trembling, 4 alien like pillars landed on the land of Ace and Marcus, a few hours later of they defeat the last pillar and the world was trembling, a bright flash appeared and a gigantic and a giant alien godlike creature appeared up on the sky

ace brings out his weapons crafted by the materials dropped by the pillars and marcus did the same, they both fight the creature but as the creature shot lazers across ace, ace was very hurt, marcus continues fighting and then defeats the creature, 2 swords and a gun drop from the sky, ace picked up the 2 swords and marcus picked up the gun, they both celebrated their victory

ace crafted the final sword, the zenith, and as soon as ace swung the sword magical swords from the zenith itself started flying and returning back to the zenith as if the sword was a magical boomerang, and a few days later their journey has ended. or has it? To be continued...

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