Soaked Tyrants - Part Two
Soaked Tyrants - Part Two fiction stories

acer I'm just a 13 year old who likes writing
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This is a school project written on google docs. I welcome creative criticism, though I am 13. Also, this story relates to the conflicts in WWII so beware.

Soaked Tyrants - Part Two

He stopped by one segment that was used as an elevator entrances. There were three elevator shafts. Simon pressed the large highlighted button to call an elevator.

After a couple of minutes he heard an elevator ring, informing him that it had arrived. He sauntered into the elevator, the doors still open.

He picked up the gleaming white phone off the side of the wall and jammed his finger on the large square button the phone was resting above.

When he put the phone to his ear it made a slight ting. Then a voice spoke, "Good Morning resident. May you provide your ID and name?"

"Simon Frank, 1689957," responded Simon.

"Welcome Simon," acknowledged the female voice. "What floor number?"


"Sending you to 45. Please press the call button to cancel." Simon waited a moment. Then the voice chimed again, "Beginning ascent to floor 45.

" The voice disconnected and was replaced by the ringing cacophony. The elevator began to climb the shaft if the large needle like building.

Finally the elevator stopped in place and the doors opened. Simon placed one foot onto the hallway floor, soon followed by another.

The hallway's atmosphere somehow seemed superior to all the other amble walks through the corridor. He paced down the foyer, seeing the metallic numbers beside each door.

He stopped before his specific apartment labeled 5578. He shoved his hand into the pea coat trying to find his bronze keys. His hands laid on the brass opener.

He pulled it out and unlocked the door. The hinges of the door squealed. He stepped through and shut it behind him. Then, feeling overwhelmed and tired, sat down on his red padded couch.

"Uncle? Are you home?"

"Yes sweetie, come here."

Then out of the small hallway came a bright pale young girl. The girl was nine years old and was holding a blue binded book.

She was wearing a small school uniform with the red arm banner and tie off. She ran to Simon and they both embraced a hug. She let go and proceeded to sit next to him on the couch.

"How was your say Alexa?"

"Fine, fine."

"Learn anything new?"

"We continued reading about the Roman Empire and how it relates to the modern one. We also learned fractions in math. Then we watched a video on the New Beginning."

"That was my favorite part of History," responded Simon.

"Oh and what is for dinner tonight?"

"Frozen peas and canned beans. Sorry, food is low."

"I guess it's alright," she responded. "At least it's not like those black beans."

"Yeah, those weren't too good," said Simon. He stood upon his legs and walked towards the kitchen. Above the ringed black-top stove was a suspended cabinet with iron handles.

He pulled the miniature cupboard door forward and retrieved a small can of beans. After, he pulled a can-opener from a drawer and he removed the metal lid.

He placed the beans on the black-top stove and flicked the igniter. Then, he moved to the other side of the room and unsealed the fridge.

He reached his lanky arm into it and drew a frozen box of peas. Afterwards, he reached into a compartment below the counter and hauled an iron pot out.

Next, he tore the frozen cardboard lid off the top of the box and emptied the peas into the basin. He placed the large pot under the tap,and turned the warm water on.

Soon, all the peas were submerged. He positioned the enormous jug onto the stove and ignited it. Fire soon surrounded the pot. Then, Simon looked at Alexa. He said, "Hey sweetie.

Dinner will be ready in eight minutes."

"Can you read to me?" she asked.

Simon peered at his watch. "Only a small amount. After you eat dinner you need to go to bed."

"Alright," she replied unwillingly.

Simon walked towards the bookshelf and pulled Grimm's Fairy Tales from it.

He started where they left off, "It was not long before someone knocked at the house-door and called, open the door, dear children, your mother is here,

and has brought something back with her for each of you."

Then he heard knocking by the door. Simon stood and stretched his back. Then he spoke, "Sorry, need to answer this." Simon paced toward the main entrance door and unlocked it.

Standing there were two well dressed policemen. The officers wore large rubber boots and banners round their forearms.

Also, on their head was rounded helmets with a faint swastika bolded onto it. They greeted each other then Simon asked, "Might I ask, why are you here?"

The officer to the left then responded, "Hello sir, are you Simon Frank of the thirty-first unit?"

"Why yes, yes I am"

"Your niece, Alexa Elizabeth, has won the state lottery."

"Really? That's wonderful! How much did she win?"

"She did not win money Mr. Frank, she won the Education Lottery."

"The Education Lottery?"


"What is it?"

"All children under the age of ten are automatically enlisted into the lottery. If you win, you will have the honor of being privately taught at Jacob Mosley's estate in Wales.

She will learn the finest education and combat skills of the century."

"Oh, no thank you. We don't need that."

"I don't think you understand sir. This is not a choice."

Simon looked at the two officers. He had a look of shock and awe. Then, he said, "Well, you cannot take my niece away! Not from her caretaker!"

"Yes, we can." The officer pulled his truncheon from his belt. The officer's arm moved backwards and then flew towards Simon. His face was slammed by the buton.

Simon instantly fell to the floor, his whole body feeling strange and out of reality. He heard the screams of Alexa.

His eyesight was limited, but he could see them pulling Alexa away.

"Uncle!" she screamed, "Where are they taking me! Help! Please!" Soon she was out of sight, and the officer slammed the door. Then Simon fell into a stupor. Everything felt light.

The surroundings moving in un-realistic ways. His ears rang. Then all was black.

He woke once again, hearing the noise of a piano. He stood in silence. He had been sitting on a stone bench, looking around himself. "Where am I?" he thought.

He appeared to be in a collapsed, ancient, Athenian building. In the corner of his eye he saw an elderly man playing a melancholy tune on a piano.

"Hello?" Simon said. "Where am I?"

The old man turned towards him then responded, "You have much more work to do."

Simon awoke from the dream. His hands were covered in water. His mind suddenly panicked. "The water!" He stood and flicked both the igniters. The peas were overflowing and the beans overcooked.

Simon then remembered Alexa. He lay back down on the floor, he could not hold back the tears. He started muttering her name, over and over. Tears fell onto the tiles of the kitchen. "Alexa...

Alexa, Alexa."

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