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aceofdiamonds just a girl haunted by humans
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How do you describe a colour?


Blue is calm. Deep. Bottomless. It lets you dive into it and swallows you up, your vision, your mind, your soul. It cools you. Drowns you. Soothes you.

Blue is dark. It’s a storm brewing on the horizon. An ocean rolling in the night.

Blue is quiet. It hides in a corner. It lets your attention slip right past it. It demands focus to be seen.

Blue is proud. It carries itself with poise and posture, it radiates elegance and grace.

Blue is tactful. Shows respect. It assists, contrasts, enhances, never pushing itself into the centre. It has to be coaxed to shine.

Blue is honest. It doesn’t deceive. Truth is spelled in its shades.

Blue is comfort. Safety. Cover. It is protection, welcome and shelter.

It is is a speck of sanity in a world of clashing colours.

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