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acemoon625 Community member
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just something i jotted down while in my feels


By Acemoon625

Everyone keeps ignoring me.

I mean, I don't stand out that much, but that doesn't mean I'm not here.

sure, I wear all black and listen to alternative music.

yes i eat stuff that isn't healthy (aka, im not skinny)

maybe i dont dress up everyday

or ever...

so what?

I'm me

people should see that im not them

if you invite me to church, i WILL wear my pentagram choker and i will 100% pretend that it physically hurts me to step inside

however, if you tell me you're cold, i will lend you my jacket

if you tell me you are scared of the dark, i will buy you as many lights as it takes to make you feel safe again.

if you tell me that someone hurt you i will protect you

while also putting them on my hit list and hunting them like a deer in bow season

and if you hurt me, just once, i will forgive you

but if you hurt me twice... i will drop your ass faster than my gpa dropped me when he found out i like girls too

i have enough self respect to recognize when i am being used or played.

i will not put up with that

i am not soulless, though some mat say otherwise

i am simply misunderstood

all i ever needed is love

so i am giving you all that i have left

in hopes that you will share yours in return


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