Going Gay by AceMoon625
Going Gay

by AceMoon625 lgbt stories

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Okay so Many of you might not know this

Going Gay by AceMoon625

Okay so

Many of you might not know this

But I am Bisexual

*leaves pause for gasps*

Okay, get over yourselves

So what?

I like kissing girls

I mean, girls are good kissers

I also like kissing boys

Boys are good kissers too

But I have decided

Through much much much much much thinking

That boys are stupid

They are still good kissers though

I honestly am getting more gay every day

I shaved my hair

(some of it)

I stopped wearing makeup

(im ugly asf)

my voice kind of changed

i now say "period" in an extra feminine voice

and i do the this thing

and this

but that doesnt make me gay

no no no

no i like SEX with girls

i like---

i was about to go into detail...

yall dont need that... :P

anyway yeah

so im happy now? i guess?

i dont know, im never happy

also, i know its been a minute since ive written anything for you guys...

but if you could leave me some suggestions, i would LOVE to write about things that you are actually interested in

so bye bye for nowwwwww


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