Glass selfharm stories

acemoon625 Community member
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I don't like the way this turned out
But I'm going to post it anyway


by acemoon625

WARNING : DO NOT READ if you are uncomfortable with the topics of suicide, self harm, or any mental illness.

Standing in the bathroom

Staring in the mirror

Looking at my reflection

And seeing nothing there

Looking down at my arm

A clean canvas well presented

The blade in my hand

I carve a new picture

A railroad track

A waterfall

Shooting stars in a dark night

You would never see it that way

You would only see it as another breakdown

Another 'episode'

Another problem to deal with

Another hospital bill that you have to pay

And for that I am sorry

Sorry that you don't see my pain

Sorry that you were never able to save me in time

Sorry that every time you look at me

It is as if you were looking at glass

So small and fragile

Thin and weak

You pity me

But what I try to hide from you is

I am fragile

But I am not glass

I will break

But it takes a lot

If I am screaming for help

I am already gone

You wont know I am dying

Until I am dead

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