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acemoon625 Community member
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also in my feels with this one. no im not okay. no i dont need to talk about it. yes i am in therapy, yes i know where you live so if you even hint at trying to help me i will sneak into your room and do some major damage.


By Acemoon625


there is ZERO flow to this poem


hints at suicide & depression


you look right through me

you dont even see me crumbling

there is no way you can't notice

the amount of pain i am feeling

do i hide it that well?

making everyone believe i'm fine?

maybe i have to call for help

one last time?

"im okay i guess"

there i said it

now please take notice

please help me

pain pain go away?

come again another day?

better yet, stay away!

i dont need you in my way!

peace out b*tch

*click* oh sh*t!

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