the art of picking flowers
the art of picking flowers flowers stories
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a story about a little girl picking flowers for her mommy

the art of picking flowers

i’m picking flowers for my mommy. it’s her birthday today, and she loves flowers. she loves lilies, but i don’t know what they look like or where i can find any.

my mommy always tells me that she lovsany flowers i bring her, so i’m going to pick the prettiest flowers i can find. luckily for me, i live near the forest and i can always find pretty flowers there.

and the further i go, the prettier the flowers get so i’m going as deep as i can in the forest and find the best flowers for my mommy. she deserves the best and the best is what she’s going to get.

there is an art to picking flowers, and i’ve picked so many flowers that i like to consider myself a master of the art. i’ve picked hundreds of flowers and i’m pretty sure i’m the best.

you want to be careful when choosing which flowers to pick. you want to avoid picking the flowers in full bloom because then they won’t last as long. also, don’t pick flowers that are just little buds because then they won’t grow up and they won’t bloom.

the best flowers are the ones that are about to bloom. you’ll know which flowers are the best to pick because they sing to you and they tell you they are ready.

i pick yellow flowers, pink flowers, and white flowers. i don’t know what type of flowers they are, but they are pretty. my mommy will love them.

my daddy is waiting for me so we can go see my mommy. we get in the car and we drive. we arrive and we walk up to my mommy and i place the flowers in front of her.

“i hope you like these, mommy. i just picked them.” my dad has tears in his eyes and i hug him. “it’s okay daddy. mommy is looking down at us from heaven and she knows how much we love her.”

“i know sweetheart. let’s go home. but first, how about some ice cream?” “yeah. mint chocolate chip, it's mommy’s favourite.”

i kiss my mommy, and we walk back to the car. i turn around, and i see my mommy holding her flowers. she waves and smiles at me. she blows me a kiss, and i blow one back.

she whispers i love you and i could hear it. “i love you, too, mommy. i love you, too.”

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