poems i wrote on my phone
poems i wrote on my phone poems stories

acebennett an ace pilot flying thru clouds of words
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just a few poems that i wrote on my phone

poems i wrote on my phone

//i’m in outer space the stars are far away; they seem closer on earth my helmet is somewhere over there i don’t know i lost it a long time ago//

//her touches warm me until i begin to burn she scorches me with every kiss but i’m made of ice and the melting feels good//

//hammer and sickle the plight of the workers grows bigger together we can tear it all down//

//the sun lives inside her and escapes thru her smile i want to sit on a hill and stare at her for awhile//

//she’s a mess of wildflowers they grow in her hair and in her eyes the softness of petals caress my skin with every kiss and her breathe is a summer breeze//

//she wakes me up at midnight to tell me her dream she flies among the stars and drinks from the sun she’s underwater with sharks and dolphins dancing to the sound of waves she asks me about my dreams and i tell her i don’t need them when i have her//

//she was a pawn. she didn’t have a lot of power and she was alike to many others but i loved her anyway//

//one puff and i’m loose another and my fingers numb third puff tingles my brain fourth, five, and one more the final puff leaves me floating in space and free//

//midnight comes around and there’s smoke in my brain the harder i try to make it go away, the thicker it becomes it’s hard to breathe and my heart beats too fast i imagine flowers and thing to ease my mind but they too slowly suffocate like i do every night//

//i felt more myself when i was with you and now that you’re gone, i don’t know who i am anymore//

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