more haiku poems or something
more haiku poems or something poems stories

acebennett an ace pilot flying thru clouds of words
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just a bunch of haiku

more haiku poems or something

the rain is lonely without thunder and lightning me too without you

cupid’s arrow struck me. left me bleeding in love how cruel cupid is

deep shades of purple are the bruises left by when you kiss my skin

kisses linger, on soft lips. hair tangles, touching skin. fingertips brush.

her smile illuminates the world and destroys any darkness in me

messy hair and messy kisses. the shining sun makes eyes like honey.

heart's skipping at the thought of you. it trips and falls and skids its knees.

she has flowers that grow in her hair and honey drips from her eyes

she kisses like her world is ending. and i know once she stops, mine will end

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