darkness child
darkness child fantasty stories
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acebennett an ace pilot flying thru clouds of words
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a fantasy short story/poem about a powerful little girl that i wrote a long time ago inspired by my niece.

darkness child

in a small kingdom, darkness swept the king tried to be brave, and the queen wept. the king sent his best knights to search for the cause but they never came back, and all seemed lost.

the king then called to the gods and demanded answers and all they said that only she can stop this, and only her. the king was confused, but the gods didn’t reply “humph. i knew they weren’t good to rely.”

days passed and the darkness grew worse. there we no answers, but he knew it was a curse. he sent for the royal sorcerer, but even he was stumped. then came a loud noise, a huge thump.

the gates raised, the bridge drawn, and then entered a girl. she was small, with dark raven hair that- without wind- swirled. she spoke softly but echoed in the large room. “i can save you. i can free you. i will stop this impending doom.”

the king laughed, and said, “but you’re just a child. what can you do? you’re too small, and this task is not mild.” the girl stood and smiled. again, she spoke, “the gods, they sent for me, and i assure you i am no fraud.

“i will prove to you my powers, and save you from the darkness.” the girl walked out of the castle to prove her braveness. everyone in the castle ran to the windows and watched. what they saw put them all in total shock.

the little girl walked into the field and sang. sweet and soft, but throughout the kingdom, it rang. but nothing happened, and the king laughed. “i knew this was fake.” he grabbed his wine and quaffed.

“wait, my liege. something is happening.” one of the knights yelled. the king ran back to the window and stood beheld. the darkness was retreating. it was leaving. and soon the whole kingdom was lightening.

slowly the darkness was fading, and the king was overjoyed. the kingdom was no longer a dark void. he clapped and the castle celebrated. all over the land, people were elated.

once the darkness was gone, the girl’s singing stopped. the king was so happy he seemed like he was going to pop. the king yelled for the girl, but she just looked up and smiled. a bright light shone, and when it was gone, so was the child.

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