Trapped (part1)- The Owl House Fanfic
Trapped (part1)- The Owl House Fanfic the owl house stories
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Its an Owl House Fanfic. It contains spoilers. I do not think you should read it if you have not watched The Owl House. The fanfic is not entirely accurate though I tried my best.

Trapped (part1)- The Owl House Fanfic

It was luz's last day of her ''Summer camp'' she didn't want to leave. Her heart overflowed with sadness, she would miss everyone. She walked to the white glowy door, she began tearing up.

She looked behind her once more. She had already said goodbye to Eda, King, Willow and Agustus. She then locked eyes with Amity.

The tears in her eyes began to roll down her face when she saw Amity. ''Oh, Amity..'' Luz said, her usually optimistic face swallowed away with tears.

She ran over to Amity as if she was as fast as a light flickering off. She gave Amity a giant bearhug. Oh how she would miss Amity. Amity seemed shocked for a second then returned the hug.

Luz suddenly took off her cat hoodie and handed it to Amity. ''Here Mittens, something to remember me by.'' Amity's face turned bright red but she soon calmed down and put on the hoodie.

Just as Luz began to make to way to the door Amity ran to Luz and gave her one last hug. ''I- '' Luz said but she had been cut off by Amity's sudden show of affection.

Luz started bawling and began ranting about how she would miss everyone. Amity cupped Luz's face with her hand. It shocked Luz and made her stop talking.

Amity then began to talk, her eyes tearing up aswell. ''Luz, just promise me you will visit.'' Amity said as she wiped the tears off Luz's face. Luz's face turned slightly red.

Amity noticed that and pulled away. '' I promise.'' Luz said sweetly.

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