The Secrets of the Malfoy Family || Chapter 1
The Secrets of the Malfoy Family || Chapter 1 hp stories
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This is mostly for me and my bestie, but idc if others don't like the story. Takes place during Prisoner of Azkaban.

The Secrets of the Malfoy Family || Chapter 1

Rosalina and Estella Malfoy sat in their train compartment, talking to each other about finally being able to attend Hogwarts. Rosalina, who had pale skin, gray eyes, black shoulder-length hair, and a blue streak on the right side of her hair, took out a faded black leather book from the bag that was on her right side and passed it to her twin sister Estella.

Like Rosalina, Estella had pale skin, black hair, but hers reached her waist, and unlike her sister, she had a purple streak on the left side of her hair.

"Please tell me dad gave you permission to take the book, Rosa," Estella asked as she eyed the leather book. She flipped it open, and looked through the pages, before closing the book shut. "You know how mad dad gets when we touch something we aren't supposed to. And by the looks of it, there's a reason why this was hidden away from us."

" not exactly, but he's not gonna find it missing any time soon..." Rosalina said with a smirk as she laid back in her seat.

"ROSA!" Estella yelled. "Dad's gonna be furious. And then he's gonna talk with father and you know how he gets when we don't follow the rules."

"Nastier than a venomous snake bite?" Rosalina asked as a grin appeared. She sat up straight and did an impression of Lucius Malfoy. "I can't believe you stole that valuable book! That book has been in the Malfoy line for generations, and there you go, running around like reckless Gryffindors. You could've lost it, or worse, destroyed it."

The girls burst into giggles as the trolley witch came around. The plump witch looked at them and smiled. "Anything from the trolley, dears?"

Estella got up as she brought out some money and paid the witch for some sweets. Just the usual. Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. As Rosalina opened a chocolate frog, Estella sighed and looked up at her sister. "I suppose your right. Dad's gonna be teaching at Hogwarts, and father is going to be busy with the Ministry....especially with Sirius Black on the loose."

"Don't get why father spends so much time at the ministry. It's not like he works there." Rosalina said as she leaned her head against the window. Estella didn't respond and simply opened up her dad's copy of Secrets of the Darkest Art.

Estella Despina Malfoy and Rosalina Thebe Malfoy were the daughters of Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Narcissa Malfoy had happily agreed to be the couple's surrogate and was even allowed to name one of the girls. The wizarding world wasn't aware that Narcissa Malfoy wasn't actually the girl's mother, which was a good thing, to be honest.

But either way, Narcissa treated the girls like they were her own daughters, and the girls loved her as if she were their mother. Due to their dad's job at Hogwarts, the girls saw him during vacations, and whenever Lucius would appear at the school. But now that they were starting Hogwarts, they would be able to see him every day.

Estella and Rosalina sat in silence as the train took them to Hogwarts. They couldn't wait much longer, so Estella went to ask the conductor how long it would be before they arrived at Hogwarts.

"An hour or so. If I were you, I'd get changed, Miss." The conductor said with a smile.

Estella thanked him and returned to her compartment. When Estella entered, Rosalina looked up from the sweets she was currently eating. "So?" She managed to say between bites of chocolate.

"The conductor said we would arrive in an hour or so." She paused and grinned at her sister. "He also said we should change, which means, you have to put away the sweets, Rosa."

"But Stellaaaa, I don't want to," Rosalina complained. She huffed as she crossed her arms, and Estella had to turn away from her sister, so Rosalina couldn't see she was laughing.

She cleared her throat and changed into her robes. She sat down in her seat and looked at Rosalina, waiting for her to do the same. After what seemed like hours to the girls, Rosalina finally caved in. She changed into her robes as quickly as possible and continued engulfing herself with chocolate as they waited.

Estella chuckled and picked up the book once again. A while later, the train started to slow down and Estella looked up from the book. "We couldn't have arrived so soon. It hasn't even been an hour," Estella murmured as she checked her watch. She looked at her sister and frowned. "Don't you dare think about leaving the compartment. I'll be right back."

The look Rosalina gave her told her she wasn't about to leave anytime soon. Estella opened the door and stuck her head out of the compartment. She noticed other students were doing the same and managed to catch the eye of Draco, who was near them. The look Draco gave her was clear he had no idea what was happening either.

It was obvious everyone was as confused as Estella was. The train came to a stop with a jolt, and distant thuds and bangs told them that luggage had fallen out of the racks. Then, without warning, all the lamps went out and they were plunged into total darkness.

"What the bloody hell?" Rosalina said, not even trying to hide the panic in her voice.

Estella felt her way back to her seat and took her wand out and muttered, "Lumos." The room was suddenly illuminated and the girls let out a sigh of relief. Rosalina looked at her and smiled.

"I wonder why the lights went off, and why the train stopped. You think it may have broken down?"

Estella shrugged as she pursed her lips. She wasn't able to respond before the door slid open once again. Estella was about to call her brother's name, thinking it was him, but she was stopped when a cloaked figure appeared in front of them. Rosalina let out a gasp and stammered, ""

The Dementor drew a long, slow, rattling breath, as though it were trying to suck something more than air from its surroundings. And then an intense cold swept over them. The girls started shaking like crazy and as suddenly as it appeared, the Dementor disappeared. The lights turned on again and Estella muttered "Nox" and put her wand away.

Rosalina weakly picked up a Chocolate Frog and passed it to her sister. "Eat it. I've heard chocolate helps in situations like these."

Estella took it gratefully and took a bite. She felt warmth return to her body once again and let out a sigh. She closed her eyes, and opened them once again, to look at her sister. "Thank you. Are you feeling better?"

"You're welcome," Rosalina responded with a smile. "A little, yeah. What were those monsters doing here? I thought they resided at Azkaban, not the Hogwarts Express!"

"It probably has to do with Black. I suppose the Ministry thought that one of the students would help Black escape? If so, they're pretty stupid to believe that." Estella said as she got up from her seat. "I'm going to ask the conductor how long it'll take to get to Hogwarts..."

Rosalina nodded as she put away her sweets in the same bag she had taken the book out of. As Estella walked through the corridors, she bumped into an adult. Estella looked up at him. "I'm so"

"Professor Lupin." He finished for her. He narrowed his eyes at her and pursed his lips. "What's a young witch like you doing outside of your compartment?"

"I..." She trailed off as she noticed the piercing stare he was giving her. Almost as if he was trying to figure out something about her. "I...was going to ask the conductor how long it would take to arrive at Hogwarts....seeing as the Dementors must've delayed the train."

Lupin nodded at her statement. "Quite true, Miss..."

"Malfoy, sir," Estella said, as her eyes darted towards the compartment Draco was in.

"Well, Miss Malfoy, it just happens to be that I've gotten word from the conductor. We'll be arriving at Hogwarts in ten minutes." Lupin said as he took out a bar of chocolate from his pocket and handed it to her. "Here, take this. After what happened with the Dementors, this will help you feel better."

And with that, Lupin headed back to his compartment.

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