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Jinmin fae+coffee shop AU

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CofFae Shop

Clocks line the walls haphazardly, all showing a different hour without logical order. It's a place where time exists differently, and it's Jimin's favorite place to relax and simply exist.

As usual, he's careful in stepping around the stray mushrooms sprouting outside, and a ribbon of bells jingles with the opened door. The barista looks up with a bright smile.

Maybe he's the owner, because he's always behind the counter when Jimin visits. He's caught glimpses of other staff and patrons, but they seem to disappear when he arrives.

"Welcome back. What can I get for you?"

Jimin orders something from the chalkboard outside pointed out by the crow using it as a perch. Everything tastes amazing, anyway, like magic-which makes sense, coming from a fae shop.

The sunset streaming in through the front windows casts deep shadow across the barista's face, highlighting his too-sharp teeth.

"Try one." The barista offers a platter of pastries, not mentioning a price. His smile fades a little when Jimin shyly shakes his head and says he's already eaten. Delicate glasswings settle on his head like a crown. He tucks his hair behind a pointed ear and sets the platter aside. "Maybe next time."

They both know Jimin will return.

Someday, he may never leave.

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