The Ultimate Robbery
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Jackson and Amy are jobless young couples. Amy introduced Jackson to a gang of robbers, about to go for their masterpiece robbery operation. Jackson had no choice but to join, what will happen to the gang? Find out in this wonderful tale.

The Ultimate Robbery


By: Oladimeji Abubakar

Here we are, planning our biggest, yet my first robbery operation ever. We are planning to rob the central bank of our country.

I sat at a corner, thinking about how the robbery is gonna go while others are planning it.

I don't really know these guys, my girlfriend introduced me to them, we've suffered enough, she thought if we could join them and pull off the great robbery,

our lives will never remain the same.We are all 7 in number including My Girlfriend and I.

My Girlfriend, Ivy has been with me ever since our high school days, she's a supporting girlfriend, I wanted to have huge money and take care of her, she has done and sacrificed a lot for me.

"Hey, Jackson, come over here, here's your part in the operation!

" The Voice of Patrick, the leader of the gang brought me back to reality, Patrick is a tall and muscular guy, he has tattoo all over his body,

he has been arrested many times for cases of theft, injuring people ETC. I stood up from where I was sitting and joined them.

"Jack, We are going to disguise you as a security guard to get access to the Bank Vault" Patrick said and my body went cold, I stood still and stared at the floor.

"Hello!" Patrick shouted and snapped his fingers.

"W... W..Why me?" I stammered.

"Because you look like one of the security guards there" Tom, the closest to Patrick said.

"But what if my supposed look alike sees me impersonating him?" I asked, I'm very afraid.

"He won't see you, we'll take him down and take his clothes and ID Card, we'll do a bit make up for you to look almost exactly like him,

people shouldn't be able to tell the difference" Patrick said

"But what's his purpose there?" Amy asked, it's like she read my mind, I wanted to ask also.

"We'll fix a micro camera on his face cap such that I'll be able to see what kind of Vault the bank is using" Max, the tech guy among us said.

"Then if he sees the vault, he'll find the method to break in the vault, then when he does, that's when we'll enter, shut down the doors, We'll hold everyone hostage!" Patrick concluded.

"What about our exit?" Davies, another member asked

"I've prepared for that, there's a Car that will be waiting for us at the other side.

As we all know that the back of this Bank is almost surrounded by Bushes, I've made a path that's gonna lead to the Kiban Highway, A Car is waiting for us there already" Tyrone,

The last member said.

"Guys!!! I believe we're going to succeed, Pack the bags in the Van and let's roll" Patrick ordered and we packed 5 hefty travel bags in the Van, We all entered and Vooom!, We are on our way!

We got to the bank and parked our van few meters behind. Max did his thing and got infos about the security I am to act like.

His name is Harris, the top security of the bank, Max began his prank call.

"Hey man, It's Me Fred, your College Friend, what's up man, I'm a van outside your bank, can you please come out, I wanna talk to you about something very important......... okay........

yeah man....... Alright thanks" Max said and ended the call.

"He took the bait guys" Max said and everyone cheered except me, I was now getting tensed.

Few minutes later, Harris got out of the bank and looked around, Max peeped through the Van window and Waved at him pretending to be his friend.

Harris approached the van, Patrick opened the Van and when Harris Innocently entered, Patrick shot him in the head with a silent pistol.

We took off his clothes and ID Card and they disguised him, I looked exactly like him. I got out of the van, very afraid and obviously shaking.

"If you mess up, I swear I'll kill you!" Patrick Yelled at me, I pulled my self together and sighed, I felt confident and entered the bank, I took the elevator, straight to the top floor.

I located the Bank Vault and stood in front of it, Set my Face cap well so that Max could see the type of Vault very well. Max did his thing once again and told me the combinations of the vault.

I tried first it didn't, I tried the second time and the vault opened

"We're in guys!" I said and I heard "YES!!!" Over the ear phone.

The guys entered the bank and shut down every damn door of the bank, took everyone hostage, collected their phones and made them lied down.

Amy Joined me with the bags and we started stuffing the money in the bags.

Moments later we started hearing gun shots. Damn!!!, The Police are in, Davies and Tom are dead already and the rest are still exchanging bullets with the cops.

We've already packed 4 bags. We couldn't reach any of the guys again. Damn!!!, They're all down!. The cops will be coming for us anytime soon

"I've prepared for this!" Amy said and threw a parachute bag at me, she fixed dynamite on the other side of the vault (the wall) Blew it open.

"I'm gonna go distract the cops, Go with a bag of the money!!!" Amy said

"No!, What the hell are u saying, let's go together" I said

"No, they'll come after us, but if I distract them, they won't. They'll come after me, I'll escape you don't worry,!" Amy said

"But...." I said and Amy interrupted me

"No buts baby!" She said, kissed me on the lips and went.

I stood still for a while, I couldn't move, a while later I heard her scream.

They shot her!!!, I felt the pain, I felt guilty for not stopping her, but I couldn't go back, I can't let her die in vain, I had to obey her last wish.

I jumped and put on the parachute, I landed safely and followed the route that Tyrone created, I saw the parked car, I opened the car and dropped the bag inside, I started the car and zoomed off.


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