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My life was quite happening Before I met u

Vile old age

My life was quite happening

Before I met u

But my life changed completely

Having a meet with you

My life was going so smooth

Was really happy

But now full of sorrow and anger

Which has still not reached its culmination point

I had a sweet family

Which I lost because of you

I’m full of bile now

And will take my revenge which is due

Due to you I’m suffering

Each and every body part

Of mine is in rage

You have a hand in my ail

My eyes have bulged out

Due to cataract

Which has blurred the way

I used to look at that sky

You are like pernicious water

Killing me very moment

You don’t give life

Rather sway it away

I tried to keep up with you

With perfunctory

But every time you were like a inundate,

Like a haunting evil

Your like a stubborn boy

Who do whatever he feels like

Not even have a feeling of obeisance

To a person who is so infallible

I was very pretty and strong

Before you touched my life

But the conditions are worse

As I’m ugly and infallible,oh my!

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