Snowy morning
Snowy morning  cold stories

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Starting of new year Happiness spread all over

Snowy morning

Starting of new year

Happiness spread all over

But here I’m in morose

As I can’t go out there

This sight is very beautiful for others

But not for me

As I’m not a snow lover

Like everyone, indeed

Snow flakes dripping from the heaven

Making everybody jolly

Every body is elated

With this glory

I hate snow

As it ruins my day

It freezes me like ice

And makes my nose like a ball in red

It’s new year

And here I sit in glaring at everyone

All green turned to white appearing as if

The sky is lying nearby

Sweet little toddlers

Playing with the snow

Making snowman

With carrot on its nose

It’s so cold and I just can’t find my scarf

Seated in my blanket

Near my roof top window bar

Laying hot chocolate in my hands

Thinking when this snow shower will end

So that even I can enjoy the day

Just way I planned it the last day

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