Colourfully blind
Colourfully blind colorful stories

abstractvt If opportunity doesn’t knock;builda door
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This world is full of colours It's yet so pale

Colourfully blind

This world is full of colours It's yet so pale The emotions which should paint Are locked in showcase

In Race of money and power Relationships lag behind A true person also trips In this valley which is so blind

A child in age of playing with colours Pressurised to compete Gravestone is what it turns A heart so sweet

As the morning breaks The sweet birds sing Which soothed our hearts once Now what is they hate

Parents spending time with kids Carved a beautiful piece Lack of communication between them Is what today they feel

Completely stressed Coz fear of failure poking No one here to consult Or to share my ailing

Was completely blessed to have everyone Is what once I thought Today I'm totally broken and alone Is this my destiny now?

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