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Landed in new world My feet’s lie on the first step

Blind world

Landed in new world

My feet’s lie on the first step

Don’t know what turns it will take

But sure will be mesmerising

Looking over the flight of stairs

A constant terror plunges

What am I going to do for my survival

As I’m alone in here

Proceeding to next step gives me a surprise

Our eyes connects like radio signals

And some different feelings come by

I stare at you and build castles of future

But is the same feeling

Tornado of love

Taking place inside his heart

Over to third step and my heart breaks

I see him kissing a girl

Who lays in his embrace

Like he has her craze

My life, my dreams come to culmination

Feeling like love tornado stormed the junction

Depression knocking my door

And all d past memories laughing in front on my nose

Tried different ways to kill myself

Sucide, poison, even jumping of cliff

But couldn’t make it

Today when I look at my past

I laugh and say

“Was I so stupid to kill my self for someone who doesn’t even care”

This cycle to infatuation

Takes place in trillions of heart each day

Millions on them break

Giving birth to a new, strong bae

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