Bee sting
Bee sting  disgust stories

abstractvt If opportunity doesn’t knock;builda door
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ever got back stabbed by your best friend!?😓

Bee sting

I'm arrogant Is what you felt Questioning my character Is not cool, I said.

Short, fat, silly you said Breaking my will Is perfect, was What you felt

Being sweet on face And stabbing behind back Fight me on my face Not behind my back

I'm not weak, let me tell you Am like water Who will offer life to you But can take it away from you

Being sweet is what I chose But taking up fight Is what My God wants

Don't play with me Thinking I can't Coz the day I started Your opinions will run so far

You were my best friend But no more tears for you Coz I didn't lost you Instead you lost me

Your friendship was my biggest mistake You are indeed disgusting But my inner self is more Disgusted today

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