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Despite of standing In rain, a fire burns in me


Despite of standing In rain, a fire burns in me The storm of your memories Always abandons the sea

Running my hand over my phone I keep staring at our pictures Each of them say something But I show deaf ears

In dark room of mine I sit Sad music on my phone I play And the time spent together Is what I miss with dismay

This damn feeling of guilt Is ensnaring me every day Which gives me a reminder Of The indelible destruction I have made

Friends I had which are all gone Leaving me in dark jungle Coz the true intentions We're behind the blind fold

Not everyone had acces to my heart Coz I very well knew this thorny path Promising of standing my me always You are the one who back stabbed me so hard

I'd wish I could be Old me But you changed me so much That even God can't make it again

These feeling have take a shape Of prison bars Which makes me suffocated Even beneath the sky with stars

I loved you,coz you made me Feel so special, but today you made me feel so unwanted That my soul wants to sleep and wake in heaven

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