My soul will rest in your embrace
My soul will rest in your embrace zombie stories

absinthefae I'm Scavengersdaughter2 on Ao3!
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Girl meets Boy. Girl falls in love with Boy. Girl gets bitten in the zombie apocalypse so Boy kills Girl.

I wrote a poem and then drew a sketch comic based off of it. The parts in (parentheses) are parts of the poem that didn't make it into the sketch. Picture of the comic sketch included.

My soul will rest in your embrace

(The world is different now. Colder. Lonelier)

(The grass wrapped around the girl like a warm hug) (But she couldn't feel the warmth anymore)

(The sky was grey. The masses of dead-alive moaned, shrinking and groaning like waves in the ocean. She threw an empty beer bottle, watching with dull eyes as the glass shattered beside her)

C'est La Mort. Shit...

(Her vision was blooming with black flowers. She squeezed them shut)


It's coming...

...It's over...

...Isn't it?

(The boy she loved found her, lying in the grass with legs that could no longer support her and a heart that was only half-beating) (She wanted to call out, tell him to run)

(Tell him to forget her and walk away without looking back)

"Don't go where I can't follow!" cried Boy.

(How strange, she thought, I've never had anyone cry over me before)

(She stared down the barrel of Boy's gun. His tears flowed freely; she couldn't cry anymore. But she could smile. She tried to soothe Boy, though she couldn't speak)

(Her tongue was thick in her mouth so she stayed silent, wanting to scream) (Her only thoughts left were for Boy. Oh how she wished she could tell him)

It's okay, my love.

Bury me among the flowers so my soul may bloom.

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