Why Would They?
Why Would They? anxiety stories

abrightblur 🌊 Give me your heartaches.
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A piece of my soul laid bare.
Daily prompt "Belonging."

Why Would They?

I come, I go, not forgotten but always fading.

The crowd, a treacherous thing. They toot their horns and love their words and give their love to strangers.

I am falling but they do not see. They ask, and I tell them, I communicate to placate. I falsify to the world my own two minds. A perfectly cracked humanity with nothing to worry about.

‘Ah they must be an introvert. Yes, that is it’ they say.

Yeah, but I’m also dying inside.

But who can I blame when I only hide? I am no spectacle to be witnessed, nor statue to crumble. I stand quiet but there is no silence within my heart. In the moment I am swallowed, I defend.

But in the darkness I see regret, I see their faces, unimpressed by my smile, uninterested in my tentative musings.

Why would they? Why would they when I hate it myself?

So they aren't. And they leave on their merry way.

I don’t belong. I never will. So instead I forget, I fall, I destroy my soul so it cannot feel. I lose my mind, my place, my purpose and It keeps me occupied.

But I do not belong.

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